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Top Tips


  • The secretary’s office is located in the main paved area outside Onley Office
  • The secretary's office will be open from 7.30am until 4pm.
  • TOYS is all about you as a competitor , that make it such a fabulous show! Please remember to take some time out to enjoy the show and watch a few classes, cheer on your friends! The more the noise and cheering the better the fun and better results!
  • The Supreme this year will be a spectacular event , A panel of judges will be scoring , by holding up score cards , EVERYONE in the Supremes’ is a Champion in their own right , so cheer them all on while they really pull a few surprises out the saddle to impress the judges.
  • There are allocated spectator areas. These are located in the cafeteria, and a grandstand for seating as well as at the side of the Championship Arena.
  • Evening performances will end no earlier than 9PM, prepare for long days; however a long day will mean a super fun day and a great Social happy evening!
  • There is a fully licensed cafeteria on site serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. This has a superb view of the Championship Gala Area.
  • Take time out to visit the Chukka bar, participate in a glass or 2 while taking in the great view of all the rings
  • Male, female and disabled toilets are located opposite the main arena building. There will be only 2 showers on site , TGCA could have hired another 6 at the cost of nearly £1.500 , which we would have had to pass on the cost so hence forewarned is forearmed so either bring an extra-large bucket , or eBay offers some great camping showers at a very reasonable price
  • Please ensure that you obtain the number of the allocated stable on arrival at the ONLEY OFFICE if you are planning to arrive late (evening) to the venue. Please liaise with Onley prior as the office closes.
  • Stables are permanent, but may not have lighting. Temporary stables will not have lighting, You may wish to bring a torch or additional portable lighting for your stables.
  • TOYS operates under the current TGCA 2019 Rule Book
  • In order to ensure you have the correct bedding in stables allocated to you, please contact the venue event office. The TGCA are not responsible for stabling.
  • Please ensure you have enough handlers for your horses, please do not leave them tied up alone. it’s going to be a very busy show!
  • It is your responsibility as a competitor to ensure that you arrive in time for competition classes before the performance begins. There will be a white board outside each ring so keep checking it for information
  • If your horse has to go, please respect the venue and pick up after it!
  • Please familiarise yourself with location of the rings you will be competing. All rings will be clearly marked. Each will have a white Board, this is where you will find all information regarding rings, classes, Judges Comfort breaks etc. are listed on each board.
  • If you have any questions please ask for help from one of the show officers.
  • Please remember all TOYS stewards, Judges, helpers are voluntary and they are to help you have a fun enjoyable show , they work tirelessly for very long hours to make TOYS happen please respect this.